100 Years

We all know time is short. Life is short. Life is sometimes too short. I found this song by Five for Fighting a couple weeks ago. I hadn’t listened to it for a good five or six years! But it popped into my mind those couple of weeks ago and I listened to it and remembered why I enjoyed it! The piano music, the lyrics, it was all just the same! (as if it would have changed any yeah?)

Our time as a Christian is short on this earth, but it lasts for all eternity. I think in a way we will be young in Christ for a long, long time. Paul himself knew Christ intimately, but I don’t know that he would even call himself seasoned in Christ. That’s a presumption, I can’t think of any basis in the scriptures for supporting that, but at the same time, I think it’s a fair assumption.

I know that I personally will never fully know Christ. He is infinitely beyond my complete understanding. I will always learn more about him, but never fully. I could go through a hundred years of knowing Jesus, and yet still be a fifteen year old kid.

Life moves fast. Sometimes too fast. Enjoy every moment you have, and stay in the present. Stay with God, don’t wander ahead of him because you’ll miss the path he heads down next. Enjoy being 15, because you’ll be 100 soon enough.


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