Jesus and…Pokemon?!

Nerd herd alert!

I was busy thinking…generally that gets me into trouble as a lot of people know….

I realized something, the Pokemon games for Gameboy Color, Advance, and Nintendo DS can actually be comparable to our journey. For those of you who are unfamiliar with how a Pokemon game works, the game opens with us creating our own character. We soon go to meet with the professor in the game. Shockingly the professor is in trouble and we are forced to make a choice in picking our starter pokemon.

From there we start on our adventure, we collect other pokemon, fight gym battles, and eventually run into the bad guys. We slowly conquer the bad guys, travel throughout the land facing puzzles, other trainers, and at the end of the story beating the Elite Four and the Champion, the toughest trainers in the entire land. And then the story continues, often times new areas in the land open up and we can explore new regions.

In the same way we are created and often times not to far into life forced to make a choice. Generally this choice is critical, something that will affect us for the rest of our lives. We pick our starter pokemon. This starter pokemon, we’ll carry it with us for almost the entire journey we take in the game. Likewise once we make that choice that life forced upon us, we follow it and take it with us forever.

We travel, make other choices, ones that are brand new and others that cement choices we’ve already made. We catch more pokemon. All the time, we diversify our team, cement our strategies, we make our position more secure. We overcome challenges in our Christian walk. We encounter the enemy and overcome him slowly.

We travel the world encountering mysteries of God, things that we may never know. We encounter other people in our walk who teach us, people who challenge us to rise up further in God. In the end we tackle the big challenge.

Who is Jesus. Do you love Him? How did you live in Him? We answer those questions in the end, and soon we arrive at a new beginning.

You might find it a bit of a stretch, but you know what I’ve discovered? Every great story, game, and movie…it all contains a trace of the greatest story ever told, the story of Jesus and the Church.


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