Closer Than Family

Do you ever have those people that you just make friends with? You just make friends with them so easily, sometimes it doesn’t make sense.

Talking with those people just comes naturally. You can talk with them about anything and everything. I have a couple of those people in my life. Two that I can just talk to all the time. Two that I could spend forever talking to, I could spend every day and every waking hour with them. Those people, yeah they’re rare. But when you find them you have to hold onto them.

You have to hold onto them because those people, they’re the ones who are going to be there all the time. They’re going to support you when you need it if you return the favor.

They are rare friends indeed. You should enjoy being friends with people who make time for you in their schedule if you need to meet with them, but you should do nothing but love those people who don’t even look at their schedule when you want to talk with them.

You need those friends who are closer than family. You see those are the people who will constantly listen to you. Those are also the people who will not judge you no matter what.

You see I love those two people in my life. I love them with everything I have and will stop at nothing to protect them. I can’t explain it really but it happens in every person’s life. Every single person has at least one person in their life whom they would treat as such. And those people in your life? Treat them like gold.

Give to them everything and they will return it to you in time.

Just as we give everything to God He will return everything to us in time, and to be honest He has already done so.

Those people are golden. Treat them as such and never let go. For they will stand there with you for as long as you need them. No matter how far apart you are, no matter how long it is, seeing them again in person, you will notice that nothing changed between you. You will still talk as you did before. Keep them safe in your life. Those people are closer than family.

As for the two in my life, I treat them as such. They are a blessing to me and I to them. I love them like family and will never cease to remember them.


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