The Deepest Love

I think I have finally discovered what God has planted deep, deep down within me. It’s been buried for a long time, and I’ve been chipping away trying to uncover it. But now I think I may have found it.

God seems to have planted in me a gift of love.

What? But every person has love?

Yeah, you’re right…but every person does have a unique gift from God. My unique gift, I think after nearly seven years of knowing God, I’ve found. It’s simply love.

There are people in my life that frustrate me, for example non-responsiveness sometimes, but the moment they talk to me all the frustration and anger I may have disappears. I don’t quite get it, and of course I’m sure that there are people I frustrate simply by little things I do, but for some reason no one ever seems to stay mad at me.

Perhaps it’s because of the gift God has planted within me, this gift of true love. A love that I willingly share and cast without, uh picking and choosing (there’s a better word for that but I can’t seem to think of it).

I’ve found that the people who frustrate me, once I realize they didn’t do it intentionally, or they may have done it intentionally who knows, but once we talk it’s all gone.

I think it’s really that my love for that person is just simply greater than my anger and frustration for them.

But that deep love I have for them, it overcomes a lot of things. There are at least a couple people that I could never ever get mad at. I can think of some that I love so much that there isn’t even a trace of empty space left for anger.

I hold the deepest love possible for very few people in my life. But for those that I do, I would do anything for them. They are held in my life in such deep reverence that there is nothing I wouldn’t do for them. I would and will hold onto them for as long as my life continues.

I think that’s all I can really say for now…but wait for it and you will eventually find your gift from God. He’ll show you when the time is right, trust me on that one.


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