[untitled ramblings part 2]

So since yesterday I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. And that’s when I realized I can’t do that.

I was beginning to let a particular situation consume me. I was beginning to let it constantly cross my mind, let my anger and frustration with it build up in me.

It was beginning to eat me alive.

And then I had this seeming stroke of brilliance. Apparently all those personal growth/be a better person websites I read are helping or at least sinking in.

I had a choice.

I could either let the situation consume me and suck all the happiness out of my life.

Or I could recognize the situation, make a decision and be happy with it.

That is quite possibly the first time I’ve ever consciously made a decision like that (or even had it cross my mind for that matter).

So I did.

I made a choice.

I recognized the situation for what it was, decided how I wanted to handle it, and have left it at that.

Will it still come to my mind? Oh of course it will! It involves one of my friends so it undoubtedly will come up again, but I can now decide to leave it where it is. I have no choice if I want to just live my life. I’m only now realizing just how careful I need to be with some things in my life, just how much they’ll affect me if I let them. But I cannot let them affect me.

Every time it comes to mind I have to remind myself to lay it aside and leave it where it is for my own sake, for my own happiness.

Just figured I would let you guys know is all. When you encounter a situation that seems to be draining the very happiness and life out of you, make a decision and let it stand. Don’t dwell on it because it’s not worth sacrificing your own happiness and life for all the time. There are times where it’s worth it, but in this situation for me it wasn’t/isn’t.


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