Facebook quote and how it began to change my world.

It’s cold today. Or at least colder than it has been, so after breakfast made by the ever so humble Kate (I suppose that deserves some explaining…perhaps another post in the “His Story in Me” category hmmmm??) I came back into my little room and crawled back into bed to just check out Facebook. You know that little thing you do probably every morning just like me if you have one. Sometimes I get to thinking that we waste wayyyyyyy too much time on Facebook…and then I just go back to looking at it. I really need to stop that. But anyway, I digress.

So I was looking at Facebook, and a friend shared a photo quote. You know what those are right? The little quote, generally something inspirational like “Be the change you wish to see” or “Make today the day you start changing things in your life.” For some reason I really get a kick out of reading them, and oh meme’s too, I really enjoy those a lot as well! Again, I digress.

I did my usual thing and clicked on the picture and then looked at the next three dozen or so that came up. I tend to just look at the wall photos of different pages and never really like any of the pages. I came across one quote that struck me particularly.

Bam! And it hit me literally right then (nothing physical hit me I assure you. I would have hit back and things would have gone terribly wrong…).

I suddenly realized that I waited until I had a problem to write here on my blog. Okay, so I didn’t *suddenly* realize it…but it didn’t take long. And there are some people that I talk to that all they ever hear about is my problems.

I don’t like that…I don’t like that at all! And even now, I’ll be honest, I’m struggling to write this because all I want to do is talk about my problems. But then I keep thinking along with the quote, you know? What kind of persona do I give off because all I do is walk around all morose and concerned with my problems and difficulties? Why should I just be consumed with my trials in life? Why don’t I embrace the joy and happiness I do have?

I really think it’s time to acknowledge the problems, difficulties, failures, and fights. But after I acknowledge them, why not just move on? For some reason I get stuck. Perhaps it’s time I take a leaf from a two year old. When he gets in trouble he gets spanked after understanding why. But after a couple minutes he’s all bubbly and cheery! Now I can’t claim to understand the exact process, but I bet that he “understands” it won’t help him any to remain all depressed and forlorn because he was punished, so he changes.

I think it’s time that I choose to embrace and follow all the joys and blessings I have in my life. Time for me to stop talking about my problems and talk about my joy. I mean there are, given the time, any number of things I could come up with that I could talk about that are not in any way related to my problems. Does that mean I would stop talking about my problems? Of course not! But that does mean that I would choose WHEN to talk about them. By choosing when I can avoid becoming that pessimistic guy that no one likes to talk to because the world is always ending. I feel like I’ve been that guy to a couple friends in particular so if you read this ever, I’m sorry. But I’ll tell you in real life too just in case you never read this 🙂  I think that this is important enough to do that.

So I challenge you, like I’m going to challenge myself, to stop talking about your problems, if even for one day, and just talk about things that bring you joy and make you happy! Just one day, I feel like if we do that two things will happen. First, we’ll all be shocked and not really know what to do, but second and probably the best, we’ll become addicted. We’ll become addicted to being happy and not depressed. So do it.

You know what I’m happy about right now? Honestly, it’s the fact that I’m able to write. I enjoy writing here on Running After the One, and I really, really enjoy writing my novel.

There. I’ve already started my day. Go, and talk about your joys, let the problems come up, but don’t dwell on them any longer!


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