Whoa I’m on fire today…not literally though

So after posting perhaps less than an hour ago I was back on Facebook (bad Jeff. No going to Facebook every time your bored.).

And I was getting really upset. One of my friends shared this picture of Mitt Romney and something about him thinking half the country relies on the government or something. Don’t worry, no political rant here, I honestly don’t care about politicians. I know that probably makes me a terrible voter because I’m poorly informed, don’t worry, I’ll study up before the election, promise!

But anyways I was looking through the pictures and getting really, really mad! There is simply so much hate for just one person! I mean can’t people realize that Romney and Obama (and Bush and Clinton and all the other politicians) are human beings too? I’d say we each take a turn to be President of the US for a day, I guarantee we’d be done within the 24 hours and hand it right back to them.

And then while writing my last post I found the picture from another blog full of picture quotes (I love them obviously 😛 ) and from that blog I wound up on The Love Yourself Challenge Tumblr page.

Can I just say that I’m thankful for people like Rae Smith and Scott Smith? They’re young, driven, have great photography skills (at least Scott does, just from the about page I think he takes most if not all the pictures they use.), and Rae has overcome anorexia.

But the thing that gets me about them is that just from looking at their tumblr page, they inspired me! They got me fired up to live life, which is their main goal if you read through the site. I’m so very thankful for sites like that, sites that do nothing but shine like beacons because of their positive message!

This world is so full of dark, dank, and depressing messages, people who want to do nothing other than make sure that others are more unhappy than they are, and people who make others depressed unintentionally, that those beacons of people make me so very happy!

I mean go outside for ten minutes.

Forget everything else and go outside.

If it’s nighttime where you are, feel the crisp air, or humid in some places I suppose 😛 notice the stars in the sky, notice the moon if it’s out and how it reflects light from the sun.

If it’s daytime, notice the animals, the birds, take a deep breath of hopefully fresh air (I’m truly sorry if you live in a city, but breathing outside is still better than the still air inside or smokers, well the smoke, I dislike the smoke). Feel the sun warming you. It’s fall where I am right now, and I haven’t spent nearly enough time outside. I honestly wouldn’t mind just going for a walk right now, scratch that I might in a few minutes after I shower. Listen to the natural sounds of life.

The more I think about it, the more I realize we miss this when we listen to our iPod’s and sit and play games all day.

I guess I’m catching a passion for life. I don’t want to just sit around and live a normal life, I want to live an extraordinary life. So I’ll leave you in this post, probably the last one for today but hey you never know, with a whole list of five or six websites to check out if you need some encouragement today. Go for it, click one and waste five minutes, it’s five minutes that I don’t think you’ll regret.

The Love Yourself Challenge

A Lifetime of Wisdom

Personal Excellence

Daily Transformations

Zen Habits

Your Life Your Way

I’ve used almost all of these nearly every day, except for The Love Yourself Challenge and A Lifetime of Wisdom, I found those two today. But seriously, if you need encouragement click on one and read some articles. At the very least it will spark in you an inner desire to change, an inner desire to become a better you than you are right now. Read them for too long though and you might catch an infectious desire for life so be careful… 🙂

Ha, did you see that? I just spread my joy a little. I guess my previous post is already applicable…I like that. =D


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