His Story in Me Part 18

After graduation from Clarkson wayyyyy back in May of 2012 I went home. For two months I worked intermittently with Upward Bound in preparation for the Summer Program. We had at least one meeting in late May, and the summer program orientation in June, and then we FINALLY started on the 27th of June.

There was a much smaller crew of new students this summer due to uncertainty about the grant being renewed. The grant was renewed and the program will exist for another five years! (That makes me excited of course lol)

I worked with the credit class this summer, three and a half hours of intro to theatre. But I enjoyed it, probably more than the kids did sometimes.

This summer was some real growing times though. My two closest friends, the two boys I began to mentor way back in 2010, visited me quite often. Most of the time they would show up at my house and my warning/knowledge that they were there was generally a phone call, and then “hey, we’re outside.”

I didn’t mind one bit though, in fact I relished the times they came over. I just enjoy spending time with them. They bring me to life almost more than any other people I know. I realized from this past summer that I love them like younger brothers. They continued to challenge me and change my life. I love them for that reason among many. My life has vastly opened up and improved because of them.

The summer program was an absolute blast! After six summer programs, I can officially say that this last one (the sixth), is by far the best one yet. If I could I would work with summer programs all year long!

In August though, I had to begin preparations to leave the area and head to Plattsburgh to begin graduate school.


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