Weaving the Tapestry

A long time ago I had this image of the world and how everyone interconnects. I viewed it as a tapestry. When someone weaves a tapestry, the colors of the yarns or threads are woven together to form great scenes. In much the same way we are brought together with others to live our lives.

Some people will come into your life and remain with you for a while. While together you will be woven into a great scene in the tapestry.

Other people will come into your life and remain with you forever. With those people you form a unique color and that color is needed quite often. That unique color, it can be formed with a spouse, with family, with close friends, with just about anyone who is extremely close to you.

Still others will come into your life for only a day. You form with them a brilliant burst of color needed only once, right there on the tapestry.

There are still others who you will never meet. Your colors will never actually meet or cross.

The thing is, every single person is critical to this tapestry. This tapestry would never be the same without every single person.

In the same fashion every single decision you make changes the course of history. It takes some time to think about, but look at it this way. If someone makes you angry you have two choices at the very least. You can react in anger, or you can react in kindness. I know there are more than just those two responses, but for the sake of example just two responses. How you react affects how the other person is going to react back, which in the end changes how you both feel the rest of the day and how you make others feel and how they make still others feel and you’ve already changed the course of history. Think about it and you’ll realize just how true it is.



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