I don’t like Christianity

I’m going to be frank with you right now.

I don’t like Christianity.


I’ve finally said it.

I love Jesus. But I don’t like Christianity.

I love the Church. But I don’t like Christianity.

I love God. But I don’t like Christianity.

Christianity, it’s too, uh, rule based. At least in my experience.

It’s read your Bible every day. Make sure you pray. Make sure you give money. Make sure you tithe. Make sure your life is pure. Make sure you don’t lie. Make sure you say grace. Make sure you go to “church.” Make sure you hang out with other believers. Make sure you do this. Make sure you do that.


You got all that from a God who said he would accept you as you are?!

I don’t believe you…no, really, I don’t.

I don’t like Christianity because, to be honest, it’s gotten away from Christ.

Oh sure they’ll point out Christ. “See that? That right there is Jesus!”

Mhmm…if you say so. What that looks like to me is some type of rule with a little bit of Jesus sprinkled on it.

You see, there’s this little verse that A LOT of people use to justify themselves and what they say…and all the rules they pull from the Bible and verses that they cherry pick to “prove” their point. John 14:15. “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.”

Yup. That one little verse is what the very foundation of rules that modern Christianity exists on. It thrives on making people feel guilty. The very service I’ve been going to for the past few Sundays, just last week and this week did nothing but make me feel guilty. Why? Because I wasn’t living in the Kingdom mindset. I wasn’t reading my Bible every day. I wasn’t praying, I wasn’t giving, I wasn’t following and doing all the good Christian things.

But here’s the secret, I’m still Christian…and God still loves me.

WHOA WHOA WHOA! Wait a sec. You’re still Christian even though you didn’t do that stuff??

Yup. It’s totally true. You see, a couple years ago (I can’t believe I can say that but it’s sadly true) God let me in on a little secret. One that he has been letting people in on for a long time…the problem is some people don’t exactly catch it.

You know what the foundation of Christianity is?

The Bible?

Haha, nope. Nice try though. It’s really and simply just Jesus.

That’s it.


He’s the foundation of Christianity. He’s the capstone of Christianity. He’s the everything in between too.

But here’s the problem.

People move past him. Or at least try to.

If you can move past Jesus, you’re moving away from Jesus.

Sure God is still gonna meet you and use you, but if you move past Jesus, you’re moving away from Him.

He is the all in all. He is the hinge of all creation. Everything points to Him. The Father is wholly and entirely concerned about him. The Spirit points only to Him.

Christ is the center and foundation of Christianity.

That verse from earlier? John 14:15? Yeah, it’s always preached about the wrong way. The emphasis goes on the wrong part. And the image that people put out about it is incorrect. You see it’s always talked about if you love Jesus, you’ll do what he says.

How do people interpret it? If you love Him, you’ll obey him because you love him.

But here’s the thing. It’s more along the lines of if you love Him truly and deeply, you will obey Him because you desire to and not because you feel obligated to demonstrate your love. Many people have those guilt feelings…they don’t help anyone.

It’s time that we abandon this modern Christianity. It’s time that we abandon this notion that once we’re God’s we need to follow all these rules and obligations. It’s time for the Church to awake and realize that a fresh and never-ending love for Jesus, one that is overpowering of all other things, will lead us in the right direction. You see, none of those things mentioned are bad things…the problem is we have the order wrong.

We’re at the wrong end of the line. We’re taking from the results and ignoring the source. Instead we should be taking from the Source and reaping the results. I’m telling you, if you get a glimpse of the real Jesus, you will be forever changed and never return to your former ways. Trust me on that one!



  1. You’re right, religion has a tendency to burden us with mile long to-do-lists, which is why so many people have such a negative view of the church. If you haven’t watched the video “Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus || Spoken Word” on YouTube, you really should! I think you would like it.

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