Oi! Where’d you go?

Well hey there!

I bet you thought I disappeared!

Well, I didn’t.

I’ve really been doing school work. That whole grad school thing? Yeah, I finally found the work. But I’ll be honest, even though I know it’s going to take a while to do it all, I’m excited about it.

I also realized just how much I do miss writing. Everything I do, everywhere I am, whether it’s in class, at a Sunday morning service, taking an exam, playing a video game, or even driving places, I find my mind is constantly churning out new ideas.

This world that I’ve created merely with a single line of type one morning last spring semester, this world of Tasguliere, it’s growing. Earlier tonight I started to write a short story, fully intending to make it a stand alone piece (it will be) and I wound up putting it right into a location in Tasguliere.

So this small little thing that began for me oh I don’t know way back in my sophomore year of high school, almost seven years now (rough estimate of when I began writing about people who could control the elements), has grown. It has become something that I can see true potential for, my Middle Earth so to say. I am realizing that while although the novel I’m writing now is the central story of Tasguliere, there are so many aspects of which I can explore and write about and possibly publish. This universe is becoming ever richer in my mind. I can see different legends and myths arising, I can see different periods of peace and war, times of prosperity for lands and times of depression for empires.

I promise you that even when I am not writing on here, my mind is going. It is always thinking and as one of my amazing friends could tell you, thinking sometimes gets me into trouble because I ruminate on things and always lead myself into the worst case scenario (i.e. a text message not sending from someone else’s phone to me winds up with me assuming that they hate me because of something I said and then I get all flustered and no one likes me when I’m all flustered 😛  ).

BUT I assure you that I am also still chasing hard after Jesus. I recently got a book from Frank Viola and Len Sweet, Jesus: A Theography. And I’m in the midst of it now, and let me tell you…just like Jesus Manifesto from the same authors did, this book is constantly challenging my perspective and broadening it. But I can tell you that I will have more to say in the future. For now though, I’m going to bed. It’s been a long semester thus far, and the next three weeks are going to be the longest, so goodnight, and enjoy your Thanksgiving, and remember to give thanks!!

Happy Early Thanksgiving!


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