Just sayin’

Well tonight was kind of a waste…but at the same time not really. I spent most of tonight looking at a political page on Facebook and seeing all the infographics about how the rich had the most money and tax cuts and all that and the middle class and lower had nothing and I could not help but get frustrated.

At first I was angry because well here I am trying to make it through graduate school, a luxury that many people either don’t have or don’t want. But then, even now as I think about it more, how can I stay angry? Those in control and with an immense amount of power are human.

And guess what.

Humans can’t tell what other humans are thinking.

Nor can humans always plan for every little thing that comes up.

Do I agree that wealth should  be more evenly distributed?

Yes, I do. But here’s the thing. The future doesn’t reside in corporations. I think anyone with a decent mind can tell that people are going to have to learn to become more self-sufficient and not rely on corporations to be there forever. The convenience of grocery stores and super stores will not last forever. Education will continue to decline, government will decline and people will have to fend for themselves. Now that can be changed, but it’s such a gargantuan task that I honestly do not know what will happen.

Really what will happen is people will have to learn to interact again. People will have to learn what a true friend is. That a true friend is not simply someone you interact with online, but rather someone that you can bare your heart to.

People will have to learn how to foster their creativity. We live in a world where everything is becoming automatic. I’m a writer, come to find out that there are programs out there that can help you write a novel from a simple idea! Honestly, to me that’s absurd! I’m writing a novel, and I don’t want something that is simply going to tell me what to do and when! Where’s the fun in that? What if I want to kill off one of my main characters? What if I want to throw in a twist where another main character once thought dead actually isn’t?

People will have to trust. I have to be honest with this one. There are a lot of people I trust. There are few people I truly trust. There are even fewer, say less than ten, whom I would trust with my life. Those whom I would trust with my life, I have no fear that they would be there the second I asked them.

So I guess my note in all of my frustration that I experienced is yeah, things are on the decline, but that just means that people now have the ability to truly shine. Foster your creativity, interact honestly with people, and trust many with little, trust few with much.

I can almost guarantee you that what you give out will return to you. You show someone that they can depend on you, you will have gained someone to depend on when you need it.

The simple fact is we’re all humans with the same flaws, yes even those supposed tyrannical 1% at the top go home to a spouse and children. They eat dinner. They fight with their spouse and children.

Stand up for your rights by all means, but remember that you’re dealing with someone who has never been in your shoes or maybe they have.

Maybe instead of blaming them for all the problems, meet them on the same ground you share, being human. Ask them about their family, about their life, about who they are. And you never know, things just might start to change for everyone…just sayin’.


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