Why I admire Justin Bieber

I admire celebrities. But probably not for the reason you’re thinking. Celebrities get way too much hate. Just because someone, like Justin Bieber, gets picked off YouTube and thrust into international stardom apparently everyone is supposed to hate him. Well, what about Austin Mahone? He’s another kid who started singing covers on YouTube and now doing concerts all around.

I think that celebrities are quite brave, see their lives are snatched away from them. Most of us take our quiet lives for granted. We get up, make breakfast, talk with our families, fill our days with whatever we do, school, work, writing, and then eat lunch, dinner, relax with our families and it’s off to bed. These celebrities don’t get that luxury. These celebrities get death threats, pictures of themselves posted online with slanderous sayings, they’re hounded when they go out, stalked by the paparazzi…their lives are no longer theirs.

Their lives belong to the world now. It’s no wonder they snap sometimes. There are people all over the world who do nothing but complain about them. There are people who wait for them to screw up, make a mistake, get into a fight just so that they can pick on them. What would happen if those people were suddenly thrust into the world view? I shudder to think.

This happens with the President of the United States, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, and all the international leaders. It happens to authors like Stephanie Meyers and J. K. Rowling. It happens to television preachers and evangelists. It happens to political leaders in the US and other countries I’m sure.

It happens to normal people.

I guess what I want to say is that I admire these ordinary people who are suddenly the biggest deal online and off. I admire these people who are household names.

I say this because no one ever writes nice things about singers, artists, authors, actors, directors, political leaders, and even your local authorities. But you know what, I admire them because they can still live as normal lives as possible.

I also get frustrated at people who are low enough to pick on them all the time and never give them a chance to realize that those who are superstars in the popular world are in fact still human beings who make just as many mistakes. That’s no reason to belittle and demean them. Realize that if you were in their position, well things wouldn’t necessarily be different for you. People would do the exact same things to you. So. Really, just don’t do it in the first place.


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