It seems as though my posts are getting more and more sporadic…I’ve been busy at home doing nothing since I was on break.

Anyways on another note I kind of wanted to simply report back to you my semi-invisible readers. I’ve really been busy trying to hang out with friends, of which I pretty much failed at. I did however succeed at writing more of my novel!

Nearly 92,000 words and I’m almost half way done and it’s shaping up to be around 200k words which is massive! Of course that’s a lot of words and it’s only a first draft of which I want to actually add more detail! This novel…oh boy…it’s really becoming a part of my life. Something that I’m very intent on finishing no matter what.

Besides that here comes the next semester of grad school. After this one is over (I know it hasn’t even started yet but it goes very quickly), I’ll only have two more to go. Exciting and yet scary!

Ah well. I feel bad but I cannot promise how often I’ll be writing here on Running After the One, but hopefully it will be every couple of weeks. With the thick of the semester though I won’t even be able to write in my own novel I’m sure so who knows.


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