Sorry, I’ll be back I promise!

I disappeared again…sorry ’bout that! School caught up with me, writing caught up with me, my personal life caught up with me, everything boiled together.

So I’m writing tonight although I can’t say when I’ll write again! Big surprise right?

Life is weird.

That’s really what I wanted to say.

Life is friggin’ weird.

I’m very close to my friends, and when they don’t always talk or respond, well I get disappointed. Even though I know that they do care, they just don’t want to talk.

It saddens me, but you know it’s not a huge deal. Well, at least that’s what I tell myself.

I guess the biggest thing is to remember that I’m me. I’m me and I cannot change anything, of course I can definitely get hurt by that, often times way more than I should. But I care, and I’ll never stop caring.

So in that place I’ll just keep living and enjoying simple things…why stress about things that I won’t be able to control, I mean I will still stress, but that will be a little less stress.

Anyways, enjoy your life until I actually write again!


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