Writing Your Story

Everyone has a story. I know I’ve said that before. But what happens when you actually write down your story?

When you write down your story you get books such as Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, A Song of Ice and Fire, Twilight, The Legend of Drizzt Do’Urden, Redwall Abbey, and Percy Jackson.

I’ve written that every person has a story and they tell it in different ways.

I tell mine through my novel.

I spend my moments in the world of Tasguliere.

I wander around the land of Avonaire, through splendid cities of my imagination.

Through Ald-taas, a great city buried beneath the ground, the ceilings held up by ancient pillars of magic.

Through Jennarra, the Garden City of the Mountains, ruled by the Lord Unai and Lady Liliane.

Through the streets of the lost city of Yinaed, streets paved of pure marble, a great diamond throne surrounded by a great pit and unapproachable by any.

Through Niessran, the home of the Carnor, a city built within the mountain Awchaeld, caverns delving far and wide deep within.

Through the Upper World, a land spread far and wide to the north, where snow is never found thanks to a spell cast by a powerful queen with necromancers and illusionists surrounding her.

The Verniablas, dark creatures, vile and evil who can make a person’s worst nightmares come true.

The Castors, a chosen race of people who can use spells to defend and attack, a race of people who have the ability to pass between the natural world and the Void.

The Carnor, a chosen group of people by the mysterious Eriasham, they hold in their hands the ability to manipulate fire, water, earth, and wind.

The mysterious Tyrensi, a trio of top notch assassins who move in perfect unison.

This world consumes me. This world draws me in ever deeper. The characters within it tell me their stories. I see great battles that come alive before me. I see gorgeous men and women with deep personalities and amazing pasts.

I see the depths of my story that delve ever deeper. I see the backstory that defines the villain, the traitor, the pariah, and the hero. I see the way each character of the main cast, all 25 thus far, plays into the greater story.

So what is this story? What is this thing that burns in my heart?

It’s something that I have really never questioned before but now understand it to be there.

Here is the real question that I discovered burns within me.

Is our destiny determined…or do we forge it ourselves?


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