Want a sample?

So. You’re curious about my story? You’re wondering what my story is? Well here you may begin to get a picture of what it could be. Here you have an extremely small sample, only about 800 words out of nearly 113,000 that I have written, but a sample nonetheless that you hopefully will enjoy! Let me know what you think!

“The Castor’s and the Carnor have always presented a united front to the people of Avonaire…is there any logical reason that it should end?” Michael Legen said staring through the curtain of water at the Secret Council.

“I think that this union should be abandoned with the Ech-ler-eas missing for nearly ten years now, he’s probably dead by now.” A woman said. She walked towards the curtain of water and stared through it at Michael.

“Imalrine, sit down. Michael is our ally, as are the others with him. None of them have done anything but help preserve us. And we do the same for them.” The man sitting on the dais said, leaning forward now. “The partnership with the Carnor will not end.”

Imalrine glared at the Carnor, her gaze lingered on the girl. She returned to her seat.

“Master of the Council, what would you have us do about the Ech-ler-eas?” Michael said focusing his attention on the man sitting on the raised platform.

“What do you believe has happened?” the Master said.

Michael looked back at the man to the left behind him. He received a grim smile and a nod.

“After looking for nine and a half years, Thomas and I have agreed that Joshua Shint is indeed dead.” A sob issued from the girl behind him. Michael knew how much the ech-ler-eas meant to Cassandra. “I’m sorry. I had hoped to tell you before the session.”

”I give Cassandra Wandra and Elias Whispre leave for the remainder of the session,” the Master said, “Thomas Bline, you may approach.”

Elias and Cassandra left the chamber as Thomas moved forward next to Michael.

“There is one last matter to discuss, the recruitment of new Castor’s. Long have the Castor’s been born into casting. We have never taught our skills, knowledge, and lore to anyone, save the Carnor, who was not born into Castor’s.” The Master looked to his right. On the very end sat Imalrine. “Recently however, it has been thought that it may be possible to teach a commoner the way of the Castor’s. To instruct them on how to cast.”

There was an audible gasp from the remaining five members of the Council. Michael leaned forward, forearms on his knees. His icy blue eyes rested steadily on Imalrine. ‘This is not good’ he thought to himself ‘she is a very dangerous woman.’

“Although I do not approve of this idea at all, the request has been made by Imalrine to select five commoners and determine whether it is possible.” The Master said.

“But Master, it is against the very covenant from which we get our powers. We cannot possibly break the covenant.” A male castor to the Master’s left said.

“That is true Mendlin, but aren’t all rules made because they were broken once?” Imalrine said. “Then it should suffice to say that it can be done again?”

“But what were the consequences Imalrine? What happened so that to teach commoners was forbidden in the covenant?” Mendlin was now standing.

“They entered the City of the Void. They stood where we are standing, and the Castor’s couldn’t take it. They were prejudiced against them purely because they were commoners. There was no other reason. They just didn’t like them.” Imalrine had not even moved.

Mendlin stood staring at her. He sank back into his seat as the Master of the Secret Council began to speak: “It will be a vote of nine. Michael and Thomas, as Carnor you have the right to participate. I will begin.

“I, Master of the Secret Council, vote no.” The Master looked to Imalrine.

“I, holder of the first seat, vote yes.” Imalrine said. The Master’s eyes now turned to Mendlin, seated opposite of Imalrine.

“I, holder of the second seat, vote no.” Said Mendlin. And so the eyes of the Master moved to each Castor on the council, rendering the verdict at five yes’s and two no’s. Imalrine would train the commoners, but the vote needed to be finished officially first. His eyes fell on Michael.

“I, the eoshain-ves, controller of water, vote no.” Michael said. The Master’s eyes moved to Thomas.

“I, the eoshain-ma, controller of earth, vote no.” said Thomas.

“Then it is decided. Imalrine, you have leave to train five commoners of your choice. The one restriction that I impose is that they may not be brought here to Ald-taas. They may not enter the City of the Void, not because I am prejudiced, but because the full extent of their potential is not known. I will not risk the chance of them destroying all Castor’s if they cannot control their powers.”

“Understood Master.” Imalrine stood and gave a small bow.

“You are all dismissed. A word with you, Michael…”


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