It’s amazing, some people, they just say these small little things, one sentence and it changes the way you feel about them in an instant. Small little words that can hurt you so much or make you fall deeply in love forever. It changes everything, nothing between you is ever really the same again, even if they don’t know it.

~ anonymous


Are you aware of the impact of your words?

They can have the power to hurt or to heal, the power to give and take.

When you call a young girl a slut, it changes her perception of herself forever.

When you call a boy a sissy, it puts a pain in his heart, he feels unworthy.

Just as much though, what goes unsaid is painful too.

I know far too many times when kind words have gone unspoken to me and I wonder. I also know how I have left kind words unsaid and undoubtedly made others wonder.

Your words have power, whether spoken or not. Watch them carefully.

Do not toss them around. Let them guard you and guide you.

Let your word be your bond.

Mine is. I know what it’s like to feel disappointed. I resolve to never make another person feel that way if I can help it. If I say that I am going to do something, you can damn well know that I’m going to. And if I don’t, or perhaps say maybe, then it’s because I don’t know, and would rather not break my word.

In the same way I am careful what I say about others. I know that words damage. I know they hurt. I’ve been there. I’ve suffered.

How much more would it be if we were to tell every girl that they were beautiful, tell every boy that he was manly. How much more would it mean to them to know they were normal and loved?

I know that it means a lot to me. When I have had others insult me, it calls into question many things that I believe about myself. But when someone affirms something, it changes everything.

So be careful. Choose your words, and give people value and worth in their lives.


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