Just saying the word probably evokes in you certain feelings. For most people, you probably go straight to someone you love, your spouse, partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, whoever it may be. For some others, you go straight towards what you truly love doing.

There’s something about passion that makes a person come alive. When I get the chance to talk to someone about their passion, too often it’s something that they do on the side. It’s purely a hobby. But when I talk to someone, and they start in on this subject, there’s just a change that comes over them. The way they speak changes. Their eyes dance with excitement. Their body language perks up. They’re alert, they’re energized.

You talk to me about working with Upward Bound or my novel, I could go for hours, and still have more to talk about after that. There’s something about passions that really draw me into them.

Honestly, in this world, there are far too many people who live bland and boring lives (albeit from my perspective) and they complain. There’s nothing exciting for them. There’s nothing that gives them a purpose and thrill everyday.

Upward Bound is the ONLY job where I have been thrilled to get up after only five to six hours of sleep. My life feels full and bursting when I do my work with them. When I have a hand in forming the lives of teenagers, my heart soars, my soul echos the sounds of joy, my purpose feels fulfilled and my life is satisfied.

I would gladly get up and spend long days teaching classes, going on trips, playing frisbee, listening to trials and tribulations, listening to complaints and praise, eating lunch, and just being around and with them.

That is one of my passions. The other is my novel. I could spend hours upon hours writing and reading and watching. Stories have always intrigued me, and even now they continue to flow in me. There is a story in me that is waiting to be told, to be spread and shared. And I have to share it. It is the story unique to me, and only me. My writings cause me to ponder deep things, to really talk of those things that are important. It’s an emotional outlet for me, and something that I seize everyday.

You want to know what has been going on in my life? Look at my writings. Read them. My life is played out through my characters. My life is poured into them. My hopes, my dreams, my fears, my sorrows.

Passion is something that evokes everything. It evokes every emotion possible. And you have to be prepared to find it. Unless you want to live a boring and bland life. While you may not get to use your passion to make a living (an unfortunate necessity) you surely can’t ignore it.

Find it.

Do it.

And your life will become that much more pleasurable and sweet.

And the world needs people who have come alive, because too many people are simply sleeping.


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