On Holidays

I find holidays strange sometimes. Not because we have them, but because of what they stand for.

Thanksgiving? We all celebrate and give thanks for what we have and then the next day everyone (or most people at least) go out and buy new things for themselves or others.

Christmas? It’s Jesus’ birthday obviously! Actually, wait a sec, it’s really not. Christmas is actually based on pagan ceremonies and in order to “Christianize” the pagan holiday, Jesus was “born” on Christmas.

Easter? Supposedly the day when Jesus was resurrected from the dead, yet even this holiday finds some roots in pagan rituals.

But I do hold all of the Christian beliefs in these holidays, regardless of what I wrote above.

However for holidays, the strangest part for me is when people say “Happy Thanksgiving” or “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Easter” or “Happy Resurrection Day” or “Happy New Years.”

It just feels weird that we single out these specific days to be thankful and happy and loving. Are people really thankful on Thanksgiving? Some people are, others will say they are but when you look into their life they just complain and complain about everything. Do people really celebrate the birth of Jesus? Some do, but most just exchange gifts and eat food. Do people really celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on Easter? Some do, but most people just exchange candy and eat food. Oh, and go to church all fancy and dressed up because it’s the Christian thing to do.


I enjoy all of these holidays, but honestly I really do try to avoid saying all the phrases. “Happy Thanksgiving,” “Merry Christmas,” and “Happy Easter,” they make no sense. Why should I specify a certain day to exchange gifts or be thankful or well, I’m not sure exactly what you do on Easter besides celebrate Christ, but still, why specify certain days?

I’ll get gifts for people at random times every once in awhile. Likewise I actually give thanks quite often, perhaps in person or text or letter or on Facebook or perhaps even using mala beads.

So after all of that, here’s my challenge to you. Give a gift to someone for no reason. Buy them a little treat just because you want to. Tell someone that you’re thankful for them AND why you are. Do something that’s out of the ordinary and off of the normal calendar. Why be normal in a world that’s anything but?


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