On Obligatory New Year Posts and a New Year’s Post

Everyone gets all sentimental around this time of the year and usually with good reason. Writing a memorable post is usually a must in the blogger world, and in the Facebook world, and in the Twitter world, and just about every single social network that’s out there. But it’s important to remember things all year long. Memories will often fade if we don’t recall them, I find myself pulling these random memories out of nowhere sometimes and I can’t help but smile and laugh at them. One of my friends has a memory jar, and each year she makes a new one and will spend the year putting memories in there. On New Year’s Eve she opens it and relives and entire year, honestly something I’m probably going to do this year as long as I remember. (Ha, funny right?)

Well let’s just get down too it then, shall we?

This past year was a roller coaster of emotions for me. Falling out of love with someone that I slowly fell in love with over the course of a couple years (although I don’t think I’ll ever move past them). Losing old friends and gaining new. Meeting two new friends who are amazing and a lot of fun to hang out with. Playing a lot of frisbee over the summer. Surviving a credit card fraud thing (it was sooooo much fun [if I put emoticons on my pages, I would put one here of me looking incredibly annoyed]). Getting to see one of my closest best friends play his last high school home soccer game. Having a great time with a great group of friends when I’m here at home and away at school. Having a great last (potentially) summer with Upward Bound. And becoming close with all of my good friends.

There were moments of this year that were disheartening, but also moments that made my spirit soar even if I didn’t tell anyone.

So. Patrick, Blake, Andrew, Brittany, Deena, Nick, Cody, Dan, Bobbie, Tiffany, Mike, Jake, Emma, Shakira, Brandon, RJ, Isabelle, Aaron, Katelyn, Jarrod, Mark, Jadon, Kyla, Cameron, Carter, Seth, Katelyn, Mike, Heather, Justin, Meg, Min, Eric, Craig, Jeff, Barb, Karla, Linda, Margo, Bev, Julia (Dr. Davis), Karin, Wendy, Diane, Kat, Moriah, Jazmin, Pranvera, Asia, Brittany, Lauren, Kate, Steve, Kelsey, Sarah, Rhea, Brandon, Cole, Mariah, and absolutely everyone else that I spent even a little time with, thank you for a wonderful year.

I definitely don’t express my thanks enough and will try to more, but even just a brief conversation with you did something for me.

So tonight, if all goes as planned, I’ll spend the last minutes of this year with close friends, and I’ll get to spend the first minutes of another new year with close friends.

A year can bring lots of unpredictability with it, but it will only serve to make life interesting. My words of wisdom, if I can even call myself wise, go and live this year in love. Love even when the other person does not deserve it, because you never know…but that may be when they need to be loved the most.

Cheers, and welcome to a new year. And because I know you’re curious, here’s a rather unflattering picture of myself and two of my closest friends. I’ll leave you to ponder who’s who, although given that you know my age you can most likely figure it out!



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