Why men suffer just as much as women

Let me be clear at the outset of this post. I believe in equality for women and fully support them pretty much everywhere I encounter them.

That being said, men suffer just as much, just in different ways. I have a few pictures that I think will serve to begin to make my point.


Now, here’s another picture to admire.


Whoah. Wait. You mean it’s not okay for older men to obsess over younger girls?

But it’s okay for older women to obsess over younger boys?

Ahhhh right, I nearly forgot. A man is supposed to be a go-getter, we’re supposed to be able to get anything we want, including the girls. This chart should explain the societal feelings of sex between men and women.

Sex Double Standards

Now, wait a second. Just because a guy doesn’t have sex means that he’s a loser? Well according to most people, that’s exactly the case. I won’t speak of my personal life on here but if I haven’t had sex yet, according to most other guys, and girls, I’m a pathetic loser. Just because I’m in my twenties and haven’t had sex yet, I would be a loser.

Then there’s a quote that people use. “What’s better, to have a key that opens many locks or a lock that’s opened by many keys?”

Men are branded just as much as women, and yet no one actually thinks of that with men.


What about this picture? It’s totally okay for women to flaunt themselves, but if a man does it, dear god, it’s terrible and disgusting.

Or, here’s the ultimate photo.


If a woman does something to a man, it’s perfectly fine. But if a man does something to a woman, then he’s an awful human being who deserves to die. I mean how dare he even think about touching a girl. But if she thinks about touching him, well then that’s fine. (Except remember that she’s also likely to get branded as a slut or something equivalent.)

The fact of the matter is, men suffer just as much as women. There are double standards all over the place in society, and the difference between men and women is just one example.

Men are expected to be the money earners, to never show fear or emotion, to never cry, to never give up, to never back down, to always go first, and so on. Women though, they suffer too.

All I’m saying is that people need to remember that men suffer just as much as women, so never think that men are perfectly fine. Just as much as a woman could be sad and still smile, men do the same thing. So always remember that men suffer like women.



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