On Judging

If there’s one thing that bothers me, it’s watching other people being told that they’re a worthless piece of skin. Or they just need to stop breathing. Or they just need to go die.

Like really?


You’re gonna tell someone that they don’t even deserve to exist?

Based on what, probably ONE encounter you’ve had with them?

At least most often that’s what I’ve noticed. Whenever someone says that about another person, honestly looking, they only have had one encounter with them. Or for example saying that someone deserves to rot in jail for what they did.

Now I’m not going to disagree that what some people do is ABSOLUTELY HORRID and REPULSIVE.

I won’t.

Because for some people, what they do is horrid and repulsive.

But does that really mean that they deserve to be ripped away from people who love them, trust them, and believe in them?

Or that you have the right, after one encounter with an individual, to say that they don’t deserve to breath or exist?


Alrighty then.

You can live on your throne.

All of the rest of us will grovel below you.

But I’ve recently become a fan of Dr. Who. And honestly, I was always hearing about this quote, something about 900 years, and then I heard it somewhere in Series 7 (or maybe it was 6 I’m not sure, I know it was Eleven who said it tho!).


Credit to were-going-nowhere on Tumblr for the image.

The reality of that quote stands.

There has never been someone who is not important.

Honestly, and I think about this once in awhile, at any given moment there are a hundred, thousand, million histories out there. A hundred, thousand, million universes. All contingent on what each individual person in the world does.

History changes because someone turned left rather than right and made it to a job interview.

History changes because someone held a door open rather than rushing on with their day.

There has never been someone who was not important, and there never will be someone who is not important.

So you don’t get to say that some piece of skin needs to die.

Honestly you should be ashamed that you said that.

Because there is going to be someone out there that believes you.

Someone who’s going to say to themselves: “You know what? They’re right.”

And who knows what will happen. Suddenly they’re making poor decisions and one day someone they love, that loves them, could find them dead.

A life that was infinitely important cut short. Snuffed out.

All because someone told them they weren’t worth it. They were just a piece of skin, a worthless piece of skin (based on ONE interaction mind you), that needed to die.

Please, don’t ever be that person. Because you, no matter who you are, no matter if you’ve known them for their whole life or three days, no matter if you’ve lived with them since they were a baby or even for two months, no matter if they’re your best friend or worst enemy, you have NO RIGHT to tell someone that they’re worthless. 


I’m very serious, actually.

See, you have no idea, even if you think you do, of what living that person’s life is like. So don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that you can judge and make such weighty decisions about them, no matter how long you’ve known them.

Just typing “don’t judge” into Google gave me over 700 million hits, of course I can’t tell you how many images, but I found a new one. There’s any number of quotes that I could have used, so here’s one that even just picking it out applies to our lesson today.



I think that if you really let that sink in, you’d come to understand that you can’t really blame anyone from one interaction. Nor could you really judge them at all. To be totally honest, it’s not possible for you to ever learn someone’s full story.

That doesn’t mean don’t try.

You need to try. And when you do, I guarantee that you’ll find you hate them a little less. That doesn’t mean that you’ll excuse what they do, those things that are actually rude, nor should you…but don’t ever let those times when you only see what they do, and no nothing else about them, inform a split second decision to hate them and spew hate about them.

All of this because I saw a post on Facebook today where a guy was bumping into an elderly man and rushing him. Now I have no connection to this at all, nor do I know the situation. BUT while although it was rude of him to do what it’s purported that he did…that is no excuse to spread his picture and pain a negative image of him in the public eye.

Perhaps his daughter was at home sick.

Perhaps his son was injured and he was in a hurry.

Perhaps his significant other was panicking for some reason.

Perhaps his parents were being rushed to the hospital.


You don’t know his story, nor do I. So we have no reason to judge him beyond the fact that he was supposedly rude. Do not ever call him a sorry waste of skin as the original poster did. Because I guarantee that if you were in a rush, you might be or might have been more than a little rude eh? But you had a reason.

My guess, and I can’t prove it in any way, is that he had a reason. Does that excuse his supposed actions? Nope. But you need to lighten your reaction. Understand that just be cause he was rude does not mean he doesn’t deserve to exist.

Just because someone is rude to you, doesn’t mean that you get the right to declare that they are worthless and/or should die.

Because everyone is worthy. There has never been someone, even in my short twenty three years of life, who has not been important.



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