The Flipside: Dear God

Ahhhhh, I very much enjoy the Flipside from SoulPancake. It really makes me think a lot about what I do and such things. So here’s a video. I’ll post the others eventually, but just one for now. I really should just link to SoulPancake’s YouTube channel.

And do not take the ending of the video the wrong way…some people will, but believe me, I did search and answer the question and found the reason I do it.


Take a Seat–Make a Friend

There is something about meeting people, I wish it was easier for me than it is. I wish I could do something like this with tons of people. There’s something for me, hearing other people’s stories, it always intrigues me. Anyways, take a few minutes and watch the video, and if you find the courage, take a risk with a stranger and make a friend.


By now, I suppose it’s time to share some videos that inspire me all the time. Too often there are people around who will do nothing but complain. I myself do my fair share. But there are people out there who are changing the way they work. They do everything they can to not complain.

Those people change the world.

I have a lot that I could sit and complain about, many people do…but there are only a few people who hear about it from me.


Because I’ve decided that there is no point in just complaining all day long about things that you may or may not have control over. Why spend precious time bitching and moaning when you could spend that time changing what you do?

So I have resolved, and continue to, to not complain. I find a large number of people who take every negative thing that happens, give it it’s due time, and then move on.

I will never dismiss the fact that terrible things happen, but we do have a choice on whether to dwell in misery or happiness (far too often people will choose misery).

One of my favorite discoveries was the YouTube channel SoulPancake (they have a website too, but I confess that I don’t often visit it). They have produced videos that make me happy and smile no matter what situation I find myself in. I enjoy it greatly and today I have one video of many just for you! You’ll probably see more videos in the future too, if I know myself as well as I think I do.

Anyways, now that I’ve rambled on enough, without further ado, “Heart Attack.”