Plight of the Carnor

I’m officially published!

Err, self-published, but I don’t care about that! I’m an author!

So, here’s your chance to own YOUR very own copy of my novel!

And of course I want you to be sure you’re interested, so here’s the synopsis from the back of the book.

The Carnor and Castors of Avonaire have known nothing but peace for as long as they can remember. That peace is threatened when one of the Carnor explodes in a burst of flames. Something is attacking the very leaders of Avonaire, and it must be very powerful.

As the Carnor of Water, Michael Legen has served in guiding the land of Avonaire into a bright future with great prosperity. But his mentor, the ech-ler-eas, has been missing for ten years, and by now is assumed dead. Michael must race to uncover what is happening to the rulers of Avonaire as their existence is threatened. He must also work with his old partner, Ya-inay, and his fellow Carnor, to carefully raise a new Carnor to stand and fight.

Evil has never been seen in Avonaire, but its ugly head is rising and the Carnor and Castors must move to stop it. That is when they realize that it is much greater than their survival as the leaders of the peaceful island nation of Avonaire, for the entire world is about to change. Someone has gotten a devious and dangerous idea to take command of everything.

Now if you’re wanting to purchase Plight of the CarnorI’ve put links below! Remember I’m in the United States, so my links go to the US Amazon, but it’s available, or at least it should be, on all of them!

download (1)

CreateSpace (shipping costs more, but I receive more royalties)

Amazon (FREE 2 day shipping with an Amazon Prime subscription)

Amazon Kindle (Cause I know that there’s a lot of you who probably enjoy your Kindle like I do!)


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