Please set up your voicemail

So in my internship, I’m making phone calls.

I hate phone calls.

I can and will make them.

But for goodness sake, if you have a voice mail box or an answering machine, set it up. It’s hard for me to call a number and ensure that I’m getting to the right person. And I find it frustrating. Similarly employers are going to find it just as difficult.

In this day and age, our contact and speech is quick, to the point, and very often does not involve actually talking to someone. Talking in person has become a rarity, and is now really awkward for many. Our world is quite often filled with “lol” and “brb” and “ty” and “ttyl” and so on. Our language has quickly been reduced to shorthand that everyone is expected to know.

But to actually hold a full conversation is quite difficult. I find it very frustrating when I interact with others whom lack the ability to hold a conversation, and I find myself frustrated when I cannot hold a conversation. All of this to say, when I call someone on the phone, I want to hear a message that tells me who you are, and not just something that says “Five one eight two three two seven four six nine, is not available.” That explains nothing to me, nor does it help.

Just a late night thought. I want to be sure that I’m going to reach the person I’m trying to reach just like your future employer will want to.