The Rules for Being Amazing



Giving happiness


Do you know how many people tend to just make themselves happy?

I do the same thing sometimes, but lately more often than not, I find myself doing things that make others happy. I find myself putting other’s happiness above my own.

And believe me, sometimes it hurts. Why does it hurt? Because I’m giving of myself to others constantly, but they aren’t giving back.

The thing is, when you give of yourself to others it will cost something of you. Were others to give of themselves to you, you would find yourself filled.

That is the world you must build around yourself. It will be long, and it will be difficult, but it is possible. In order to get others to change, you first have to change yourself.

Change yourself and you’ll give others around you permission to change as well. So make others happy, and eventually you will run into others like you and change those around you as well.


On New Year’s Resolutions

Right now, or at least in a couple days, is about when people start to realize that this whole “I’m gonna make this year so much better than last year!” thing is difficult. And once they realize it’s difficult, the majority of people give up.

The pressure of societal norms and continuing life the way it’s supposed to be (as defined by others usually) is too much and people tend to crack and break under the pressure. So what to do then?

Give up on New Year’s Resolutions.

That’s right. I said to give up.


If you have to wait until the new year or new month or new week or new day then is it really something you want? Now bear in mind that I’m talking about things you have control over. If your resolution is to buy a new car, then perhaps you should wait (or you could donate some of the money to me, I wouldn’t mind).

If your resolution is something that you truly want, you won’t wait to go after it. You will start right now, in this moment, to make the changes and move forward.

Want to lose weight? Move all the food off of your desk and out of your reach.

Want to exercise? Stop reading for a couple minutes and do a few squats. Go ahead, I’ll wait for you.

Want to read more? Find  a good book. There’s a bookshelf page that I’ll be creating that you can browse through.

Want to eat healthier? Throw the junk food out and get some fresh fruits (no not those canned things) and grab a lemon to slice up and put into a pitcher of water.

Screw resolutions, no one keeps them anyways, you’ll always find yourself slipping back into old patterns.

No. What you need is a lifestyle change. You need to actually look at your life and say: “This isn’t working, but I want to change it.” If you don’t have the real desire to change, then it’s not going to happen. So now that you’ve said that what do you do?

The first thing, is you make small changes. And you do those small changes until it becomes a normal part of life. You do them until you don’t even think about it anymore. And then you add another one. And then another. And another. And then you’ve gotten yourself on the way to a brilliant new life.

You see, most of the time, resolutions fail because people try to change way too much at once. Just as people around you will be shocked and want to push you back into the box, your body and own life will be shocked as well. It will want you to get back to where you’re safe. Where it’s not being subjected to a three mile run each day or reading a book for four hours a day.

But pick those small steps and do them, and you’ll trick yourself and everyone else into making that lifestyle change. I can almost guarantee it.