Ken Robinson: Changing Education Paradigms

I won’t explain much about the video, but it’s another favorite from Ken Robinson. Likewise it was animated and for some reason I particularly enjoy that. It adds another element. I’ll post some more videos this coming week from TED and SoulPancake. I’m busy working on a project, one that will eventually end up here on the website possibly as posts and as an ebook.

Enjoy the video!


Ken Robinson: How schools kill creativity

One of my favorite things to study is the education system. I really enjoy looking into how education systems are created.

I work with teenagers in a program called Upward Bound, and this program offers a chance to go to college to students whom otherwise would not have had a chance to go. I get to work with them all summer and stay in touch with some throughout the school year.

One of the biggest things I hear is how they all get bored and hate school. But learning is one of the most natural things in the world. Give a teenager a video game or a book that they pick and they will learn how to do things and think things that adults would never think of. Little kids create games and uses for things that they would never have come up with if they worked with an adult.

I’m always intrigued by alternative education systems, but I’ll save that for another post and let you watch the following video in peace. It may be twenty minutes long, but just go and grab a drink and watch. I guarantee that Ken Robinson will at least get you thinking about it.