On Publishing

It’s finally happened.

I’ve finally put together my first novel, and I’ve worked with CreateSpace and Amazon to self-publish!


One of my oldest dreams has been fulfilled!

And of course I read my fair share of publishing blogs, and understand that CreateSpace and Amazon have a bad reputation. I am pleased to say that as of right now, I’ve not experienced any of that. I hopefully won’t.

For me, CreateSpace provided the best options for what I needed and I could not be any happier with the current finished product. In fact, the day my proofs arrived, I was giddy and just held them for a little while.

It was my work.

My story, in physical book form.

From just twenty six letters and a few characters (and maybe a couple of accented letters) I finally had MY story told. Or at least the first part.

Now, I chose to write under a pen name.


I know, I know, shocking. But it’s true.

I want to be able to separate my writing. I have a feeling that I’m not done with my schooling yet, and if I go back, it would be for a doctorate. A doctorate requires some level of academic writing and I want to be able to keep my fictional writing and academic writing separated.


As a result of that.

This is one of the few times that I’ll be promoting my novel in an actual post. I’ve created a page specifically for it here on my website, but I’ll also begin constructing an author blog to specifically promote my novel–err novels. Currently I’m working on a trilogy, and hopefully it will extend into a full series in the future.

The Tasguliere Series began almost eight years ago, when I was in year 10 at public school (or tenth grade if that’s easier to understand, I sometimes enjoy thinking of it as year 10 because of my wish for Harry Potter to be true). Although at the time, it was not known by that. The first working title that I had was “The Decisive Offensive.” Ancient of course (well not really heh), but somewhere in there was the first place that I mentioned the term “Carnor.”

That eventually changed and morphed into “Plight of the Carnor” and the actual manuscript has been written over maybe four times. But for me, I certainly enjoy the fact that I’ve published it!

So below I’ve placed three links so that you could purchase my novel if you would like! I would certainly appreciate it!

And of course, none of these books would be worthy if there wasn’t a synopsis for you to read, so I’ve put that below as well!

The Carnor and Castors of Avonaire have known nothing but peace for as long as they can remember. That peace is threatened when one of the Carnor explodes in a burst of flames. Something is attacking the very leaders of Avonaire, and it must be very powerful.

As the Carnor of Water, Michael Legen has served in guiding the land of Avonaire into a bright future with great prosperity. But his mentor, the ech-ler-eas, has been missing for ten years, and by now is assumed dead. Michael must race to uncover what is happening to the rulers of Avonaire as their existence is threatened. He must also work with his old partner, Ya-inay, and his fellow Carnor, to carefully raise a new Carnor to stand and fight.

Evil has never been seen in Avonaire, but its ugly head is rising and the Carnor and Castors must move to stop it. That is when they realize that it is much greater than their survival as the leaders of the peaceful island nation of Avonaire, for the entire world is about to change. Someone has gotten a devious and dangerous idea to take command of everything.

Now if you’re wanting to purchase Plight of the CarnorI’ve put links below! Remember I’m in the United States, so my links go to the US Amazon, but it’s available, or at least it should be, on all of them!

download (1)

CreateSpace (shipping costs more, but I receive more royalties)

Amazon (FREE 2 day shipping with an Amazon Prime subscription)

Amazon Kindle (Cause I know that there’s a lot of you who probably enjoy your Kindle like I do!)


Playing Catch Up

Well, it has been a long time since you’ve heard from me!

I’m terribly sorry about that.

But I do have great news to share should you want to hear!

But we both know you’re going to hear about it anyways don’t we. *insert cheeky smile*

Two major things.

First, I finally have my masters degree!

I’ve spent two long years, directly after my four long undergrad years, directly after my thirteen years for high school, junior high school, middle school, primary school, and preschool. My life has been made up of school. That’s it.

And right now, for the first time in a long time, I have no school coming up. And quite frankly, it’s kind of scary. But at the same time, I’m ready to have a full time job. Which means a pay check. Which means benefits. Which means stability that I haven’t had in a long time.

I’m honestly very excited about this phase of my life because I get to use everything I’ve learned, but also I get to strike out on my own. I’m excited and ready to venture out and begin to build a career. I know that I’m planning on getting a doctoral degree at some point, so having some experience will be a benefit before I work towards something related to Educational Policy or something similar.

It has been a long time and I’ve worked very hard to get here.

And second, within a couple of weeks, I’m going to be a published author!

My first novel is currently at the proof stage and being read by some sample readers. Once they give their approval, and I check it over to make sure that there are no big issues with the way it looks, it’s a go. I click that the proof is okay, and it’s off to be sold on the interwebs and I instantly become an overnight success!


Well maybe not an overnight success.

Except in my own eyes of course. This is one of those things that I’ve wanted to do since I’ve been in 10th grade. So, in my eyes, I’m an overnight success. It has been one of my lifetime goals, in my short 23 years so far, that I have pursued and accomplished. So here’s to me!

Of course, I want you all to be able to read my masterpiece. Once it goes live, I’ll be posting some links here to allow for everyone to purchase them.

I want to tell you all that I’ll hopefully be writing some more posts (I think I make that promise a bit too often sometimes!). I have one that I’m still mulling over in my mind, so most likely you’ll see something posted about that particular post. I can’t give away any of those ideas just yet! For now, you’ll have to wait and enjoy what you can!