On Interviewing

I’ve taken a liking to this type of title. Just thought I’d mention that. I’m working on another project for a couple of close friends, and every piece that I write starts off with that type of title: “On blah blah blah.”

Anyways, I received a phone call today offering another phone interview.

Phone interview #2.

And I’m much more sure of this one. I was nervous for my first one, but this one I feel a bit more sure about. And I hope that it goes beyond the phone interview!

I’ve looked at the college and it looks like a really beautiful campus.

So let me be clear. I’m kinda nervous that I haven’t gotten more offers for phone interviews, but I also know that I’m brand new to the field.

But still, the two questions that always throw me is what are your strengths and weaknesses? and what questions do you have for us?

So I leave it here for you all.

I’m pretty sure that I have a good idea on how to answer these two questions…but what is your advice?

1. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

2. What questions do you have for us?